Thursday, June 17, 2010

Multiple Personalities and Huna

QUESTION: I am wondering how the three aspects of the self (Ku, Lono, Kane) may play a role in the phenomenon that is sometimes called "split" or multiple personalities in psychology. Does Huna (or you) have any explanation for this?

ANSWER: For those not familiar with the terms, in the Kahili tradition of Huna "Ku" is somewhat analogous to the subconscious, "Lono" to the conscious mind, and "Kane" to the superconscious. The basic concept is that every problem produced by the Ku is actually an attempt to solve the problem of how to move toward pleasure and away from pain or, if Lono rles interfere, how to move toward a lesser pain. In relation to multiple personalities, Ku has memories of all the roles we play or have played in our life, all the roles we've seen or heard or read about, and all the roles our ancestors have used. So, when a particular role seems to be the best solution to a problem that Lono cannot or will not resolve, AND when Lono has inhibitions or rules about playing that role, then Ku may adopt that role in particular situations and suppress Lono's ability to recall that shift when the emergency role is no longer needed.