Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Dark Night of the Soul"

QUESTION: During all the years of following your spiritual path did you ever experience dark moments as those of Saint John of the Cross in the "Dark night of the Soul"? Or was it always easy, no doubts, no fear?

ANSWER: I wish you could hear me laughing :)

Of course I have experienced doubts and fears many times, which is why I know so much about them. They still occur. However, as I become more adept at the skills I've learned, they get shorter and shorter. From a few weeks in my early days of learning to only a few seconds now. It is my opinion that anyone who claims to be completely free of doubt or fear is either lying or in denial. It is a natural human experience that usually occurs when one is under stress. As one becomes more self aware, which includes being more environmentally aware, it becomes easier and easier to move out of doubt and fear and into clarity and confidence. All it takes is practice... lots and lots of it.