Friday, September 24, 2010

A problem with deafness

QUESTION: I am confused by the idea that the world is what you think it is. Specifically, my son has a problem with deafness. A medical doctor who is an audiologist says that it is a genetic problem. An energy healer says that the main problem is fear of hearing something. I am inclined to think that the problem is emotional. I tried using Dynamind for a month using a statement that my son would be able to hear without a hearing aid, but there were no results. Please advise.

ANSWER: The world is what you think it is, but that includes the beliefs of your Ku as well as your Lono. The physical world, the emotional world, and the mental world are all real and have to be dealt with.

The physical world represents strong habitual beliefs that sometimes need the help of physical intervention. It was good to consult a medical doctor, but if he said it was a genetic problem, that means he doesn't know what's wrong, because genetic science is not advanced enough to pinpoint a genetic defect in the DNA what would result in deafness.

As for Dynamind, it only works when tension, emotions, and beliefs are the primary problems. It cannot do anything if the problem is primarily a physical defect or lack, or if the statement does not relate to a sensation in the body.

So, let's assume that the problem is related to a mixture of anger and fear, and let us assume that there is no conscious memory of any event that might have caused those feelings. Here is what I suggest:

1. Five minutes of thinking or quietly saying to your son, "Whatever this is related to, let's forgive it completely, because it doesn't matter any more." Do this as frequently as you can, but at least daily.

2. Then as many rounds of Dynamind as you have time for, using this statement until you notice some change: "(name)'s ear may be afraid of something and that can change. We want this fear to go away, we want (name) to hear very clearly."

It's possible that there may be many layers of tension to clear awy, so it may or may not take a long time to get results. I would guess that after a month there ought to be some noticeable change if the problem is primarily emotional.