Wednesday, July 25, 2012


QUESTION: What are your thoughts on schizophrenia?

ANSWER: Schizophrenia is a name given to a variety of mental, emotional and physical symptoms, with emphasis on so-called "psychotic" behavior. This is defined as being out of touch with "external reality," which really means the mainstream ideas of what reality is supposed to be. Psychotic behavior includes hearing voices that no one else can hear, hallucinations (seeing things that no one else can see), and feeling things that no one else can feel. Oddly enough, this is normal behavior for psychics, mystics, and shamans. The real problem in what we are calling schizophrenia is the content of the "psychotic" behavior and the individual's reaction to that content, both of which arise from excessive emotional stress. Schizophrenia is typically associated with extreme anxiety, paranoia, depression, and rage, as well as a variety of related physical problems. Unfortunately, the condition is treated primarily with antipsychotic drugs that have their own serious side effects. In my opinion, shifting the focus to drugless emotional healing and deep physical relaxation would produce better results.