Sunday, July 11, 2010

Psychic Reading Problems

QUESTION: I am a psychic reader and I would like your Huna perspective on several problems that I often encounter. First, how would you interpret dreams, especially when they are about other people? Second, what can I do when I get energy overload? Third, how can I connect to universal energy? And fourth, how can I avoid picking up a clientʻs condition? I have tried protection, but it doesnʻt work very well.

ANSWER: 1. Regarding dreams, they are always by you and about you, and sometimes they may also be about other people. If you dream about anger, assume itʻs a symbol of your own anger about something and then you can heal it. 2. For the energy overload, it can be very helpful to have a long talk with your body about the benefits of letting the energy go through, or shifting frequency so that it doesnʻt affect you (like radio waves that our body normally doesnʻt pay attention to). 3. We are all connected to universal energy all the time. Most people donʻt even realize it; some people feel it, but donʻt understand it; and some people use it. To connect with it, all you have to do is to think of it and imagine it flowing into and through you. 4. Regarding clients, what happens sometimes is that out of empathy our body mimics the clientʻs condition. There is no actual transfer of anything except information. You can tell your body not to mimic.