Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cannabis for healing

QUESTION: What is your opinion about the use of cannabis in healing. Do you think it is useful? Also if you know, please tell me the real meaning of the Hawaiian word 'pakalolo'.

ANSWER: It is possible for cannabis to aid healing because it helps relieve physical tension, the primary factor behind all illness. However, the side effects of increased sensory sensitivity, the tendency for many users to slip into dream states, and the tension-producing effects of inhaling the smoke also have to be taken into consideration.

"Pakalolo" is a modern Hawaiian word composed of "paka" - a Hawaiianized form of the word "tobacco", and "lolo" (with a macron over both letters "o") - meaning "paralyzed, numb, feeble-minded, crazy." Thus, "crazy (or numbing) tobacco."

Monday, November 7, 2011


QUESTION: When I have a choice between doing one of two things, like staying with a person or staying at a job, and not staying, how can I know which is the right choice to make?

ANSWER: There is no way to tell which is the "right" choice, because the future is not fixed, and future effects come out of future choices. However, you can get a good idea of what might happen if you make a choice based on current patterns of thinking and feeling.

1. Find some time to be quiet and alone and relax as deeply as you can. A simple way would be to spend at least one to five minutes looking at things or objects with lots of curves or circles.
2. Think of what you like about the current situation, and about what you don't like, for one to five minutes.
3. Now imagine two doorways to the future - one is for a future where you stay in the situation, and one is for a future where you don't stay. Each one will take you six months or one year or five years into the future; it's up to you. Imagine each door in great detail.
4. When you are ready, step through one of the doors and pay attention to what you see and how you feel. Then come back and go through the other door.
5. This will give you an idea of what may happen if patterns and habits in the present do not change. It is not a prediction, but a projection. It will give you information that will allow you to either change yourself, or change the situation. You still have to make the decision.