Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Send Healing

QUESTION: I've been asked to "send healing" for people and situations around the world, but how do I do this?

ANSWER: There are many techniques from different traditions and teachings, but all of them usually involve some combination of energy, words, and images. The words and images express your intent, and the energy gives power to your intent. The fundamental assumption behind all of this is that good thoughts can support good causes over great distances, just like prayer. So here is a basic process that anyone can use:
1. Take one very deep breath;
2. Say what you want (ex: "Let there be the right amount of rain needed in Texas");
3. See what you want (ex: rain clouds moving over Texas and releasing the right amount of rain);
4. Take another deep breath to finish.

1 comment:

  1. It works really great :) my friend felt better when I used it :)

    Could you write something about techniques which help to contact Kane or enlarge trust to Kane? I feel that I need it. I can do effective haipule in case of healing others or to harmonize weather but I can't help myself. I thought that contacting with Kane should help me.

    Best Wishes