Friday, February 18, 2011

Senseless Violence?

QUESTION: In your book, "Urban Shaman," you say that everything that happens has a good purpose. I can understand that natural disasters can have the purpose of attracting our attention to certain parts of the world and their problems, but what about parents who kill their children and those who shoot or blow up innocent people? What could be the good reasons for this kind of violence that seems to be growing?

ANSWER: If you study history, you will discover that it is not the violence that is growing, but the news coverage of such events.

Nevertheless, you do pose one of the most difficult questions to answer. The simple fact is that there is no way for us to know.

When events happen, good or bad, we have the choice of assuming that they are meaningless, that they are accidental, or that they have some larger purpose that we are not aware of. The effects of assuming the first one tends to be anger, frustration, helplessness,
fear, depression and despair, none of which do anyone any good. The effects of the second one tend to be fear, sadness, sympathy, compassion, and healing. The effects of the last one tend to be the same as the previous one without the fear. No one knows the "real" answer, if there is one. In Huna, when there is no clear answer to a particular question, we choose the assumptions that provide the most benefit.


  1. That is what I love so much about Huna :)

  2. If violence toward humans is good for nothing else, then for teaching humans better not to use it, because it hurts really in this three dimensional reality... one of my spiritual teachers once told something like that...
    It's worth to be considered.

    The Seth books of Jane Roberts teach, that mankind tends to try any kind of experience.
    In my personal view, I just can talk about my own experiences, that to overcome bad experiences of any kind with as much love as possible (which superficially does not always look very lovely) makes me stronger, fearless and even more loving.

    Regarding killing innocent people, it is said in the Seth books, that nobody dies without explicit own decision or approval. I can not prove by now, whether this is true or not, because I did not die yet and come back into the same body and life... but it sounds somehow reasonable to me, if it's true, that we choose freely our earthly existence.
    We manifest our life. I am sure, that we also manifest our death, then.
    So, we could try to find out, what sense it makes to the killers and what sense it makes to the victims by shamanic travel. Then we know a a mini step more about it...