Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Right Way?

QUESTION: Why do so many people insist that there must be one truth, or one right way of doing things?

ANSWER: Because the human conscious mind gets confused by too many different points of view, or too many things to do, or too many different ways of doing the same thing. And the more insecure a person feels, the less he or she can tolerate differences.

Normally, most people are most able to deal with two things at the same time, and three or four things in sequence. Four in particular is a comfortable number, which is why so many important things in our lives are divided into four categories. There are four seasons, usually four choices in multiple-choice questions, four major psychological types in a lot of systems, four major world religions in books on religion, and on and on.

Large numbers are frequently handled by dividing them into groups of three or four. The twelve months of the year are often divided into thirds or quarters. The incredibly complex variety of biological life on earth is divided into eight categories: Domain; Kingdom; Phylum; Class; Order; Family; Genus; Species; with the last four more commonly referred to, and the last two most commonly used.

So, even in a universe of infinite possibilities our human nature likes to organize experience for the purpose of efficiency, effectiveness, and primarily comfort. And the more insecure--meaning disconnected--we feel, the more simple we like that organization to be. This is what gives rise to ideas and desires for one truth, one life, one government, one leader, one language, one path, and one right way of doing things.


  1. Aloha, Master Teacher, there should be one leader -or one captain on the ship?!
    Variety in Nature entities, but one Supreme Lord has to be from Who everything originates in a far far ...distance? Every river has origin, and one end. What is wrong in that? You say in Your books as well that Universe is inconceivable-so where to this discussion brings us? to Einstein's theory of relativity?! Samsara symbol of infinity (like laying 8)did not invent itself.I accept many expansions like 'avatars', 'avadhutas', but again-they are expanded from oneness-supreme -original entity.
    In this dimension of material universe there are many universes which expand all the time like a theater fen, gods and demigods-OK. Till one final day of 'closing down'. In my Vedic tradition it is the end of demigod Brahma's day. But there are parallel universes in which Brahma's day is not ended etc. Again samsara, then Spiritual Worlds eternal which also expand how Supreme Lord arranges. Inconceivable again. Faith. The key is the Faith-you believe or not. As far as I understood Einstein was atheist. Tesla was in Feith, on Vedas.Therefore for Tesla and for me everything is clear, in multiplicity of varieties around us.Atheistic person can never understand God. Why? Because atheistic persons cannot accept that there is someone above him.To who he should be respectful and simple a servant. To almighty.Wizard, Magician, Lover... You cannot ever understand God through science-no dear, science is mind-God is energy, magnetism, electricity, life spark.You think that a man or ten men can produce life spark by science? Soul? Ha! Make me smile, funny stories. Heard so many times from 'scientists'. Material can multiply, not 'soul'. Soul is 'within' heart. There is also the Paramatma = supersoul = universal translator as You Master Serge callit, in Your Urban Shaman book. Lord's expansion within heart-a witness of all and everything going on with us all 24 hours of the day. Some scientists planned to 'steal soul' and multiply it-funny thing what atheists come upon-madness. Brain mind storm chaos as You say when energy goes wildly through wild material mind- brain cells.
    Ok, make, multiply and buy it: ~aloha me te aloha nui~, mahalo nui. Desiree K.