Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cannabis for healing

QUESTION: What is your opinion about the use of cannabis in healing. Do you think it is useful? Also if you know, please tell me the real meaning of the Hawaiian word 'pakalolo'.

ANSWER: It is possible for cannabis to aid healing because it helps relieve physical tension, the primary factor behind all illness. However, the side effects of increased sensory sensitivity, the tendency for many users to slip into dream states, and the tension-producing effects of inhaling the smoke also have to be taken into consideration.

"Pakalolo" is a modern Hawaiian word composed of "paka" - a Hawaiianized form of the word "tobacco", and "lolo" (with a macron over both letters "o") - meaning "paralyzed, numb, feeble-minded, crazy." Thus, "crazy (or numbing) tobacco."


  1. Aloha Master Serge,
    Nice question on this cannabis use in healing. I often look to your videos and see no cannabis or any other 'relievers' or 'pacifiers' while you teach and practically show how to experience directly and immediately on attendees what you teach as method and way of healing.
    I understood through your teaching on mind body energy it is energy balancing and harmonizing within ourselves how you heal, to be in synchrony with body mind and energy of the planet Earth and universe since we are just a small parcel and particle of this greater 'body' as oneness. You beautifully describe it in your book Urban Shaman and Huna book, Healing for millions, workshops, seminars etc.
    So I understood cannabis or other 'relievers' of pains are not necessary at all and it makes me happy. Maybe in some difficult traumatized cased, physical wounding, car accidents etc. when other methods and medications are applied and applicable - whatever helps and works, but generally not. Thanks, aloha nui sharing, mahalo nui.

  2. ~Aloha again, I loved how you Master Serge heal on distance- very nice and powerful method- few my friends are healed from long time pains in your healthy healing manner with use of NO 'relievers'. Thanks . Here is described on your web page ' how you do it and recomend :
    by Serge Kahili King

    The first one is called La'a Kea, "Lovelight," or "Clouds of Color."
    1. Imagine yourself surrounded by a field of positive energy, in the form light, color, sound, or vibration. Increase the intensity by pikopiko breathing (inhale at your crown, exhale below your feet) and/or thinking of happy memories.
    2. Imagine this field expanding outward to include the person, place, or situation that you want to help.
    3. Assume that this field of energy is responsive to your positive intentions, and give it instructions on how you want it to be helpful. Use simple directions like "Enlighten!" "Release!" "Focus!" "Center!" "Bless!" "Empower!" or "Assist!"

    The second one is a variation on The Dynamind Technique.
    1. Think of the person, place, or situation that you want to help. 2. Make a statement like this: "There is a problem and that can change. We want that problem to go away, we want the condition to be healed." 3. Make seven taps of your fingertips on the center of your chest, on the web part of each hand, and on the bone at the base of your neck. Then finish with a pikopiko breath.

  3. Yeah. Its true that cannabis helps to relax your mental as well as physical distress well. That's why the cannabis can be useful in the healing procedure. Great piece of info. Thanks for sharing. distant healing techniques

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