Thursday, February 12, 2009

How and Why I Started This Blog

I've known about blogs for  a long time, and every once in a while I've considered doing one, but when it came time to take some action I couldn't think of anything I wanted to say that wasn't covered in my books and articles. And then one day, the day before yesterday, in fact, I was giving someone some advice by email, then saving a copy in case the same advice might be useful to someone else, when it suddenly came to me that this would be a perfect reason for me to do a useful kind of blog.

Over many years I have given advice in print and by email on health, personal development, success, prosperity, spirituality, Hawaiian culture and Huna, and I've kept copies of most of it "just in case." Well, "case" has arrived, and so begins my blog called "Advice From The Islands."


  1. Dear Serge,
    What a great idea! :) Thank you for sharing advices! I am looking forward to your postings! :)
    I send you gently dancing snowflakes and happy greetings from Austria! :)

  2. Dear Serge,

    I've always wanted to meet You since I have read the Urban Shaman, but I've never even dreamt about meeting you here in the blogosphere, searching for people interested in huna, just some days after you have started this blog :) There are no coincidencies ;)
    I am truly happy and grateful that I can follow your thoughts here.
    Thank you,

    Orsolya from Hungary

  3. Dear Serge,
    thank you so much for sharing. I've been walking the magick path for 26 years, and Huna has been a major, no: MAJOR, influence. Your teaching literally changed my life, and increased my mana. Thank you, brother.