Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reaching the Higher Self

Question: Why does Huna teach that we have to do through the subconscious to reach the Higher Self, especially when the subconscious may have doubts, fears, and beliefs that would interfere with the process?

Answer: First of all, it is only Max Long's version of Huna that says we have to go through the subconscious to reach the Higher Self. This idea is not based on Hawaiian cultural practice and it is not what my Hawaiian family taught me. Hawaiians have always spoken directly to God, nature spirits, and ancestors. Those who were brought up in Huna also spoke directly to the High Self. The three selves, of course, are not separate entities, but three aspects of one wholeness, so there is no chain of command and all selves are involved in every communication. However, the ancient teachers of Huna found that conscious communication with the subconscious or the High Self helps to focus and energize one's desires and intentions.

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