Friday, April 17, 2009

Spirit Guides

QUESTION: My spirit guides used to give me good advice, but lately they've been telling me to do things that I know are wrong. Now I'm afraid some negative entities are just pretending to be my guides. How can I tell the difference, and what can I do about it?

ANSWER: Here are some guidelines that will help. If they don't help enough, it may be a good idea to seek professional help from someone who understands your beliefs about guides. Guideline #1 - Don't ever take orders from inner voices, no matter who they claim to be. You can listen to advice from any source you want, but reserve final decisions for yourself. Guideline #2 - Good advice is always given to increase good. If you get advice that encourages you to cause pain and suffering, it's not coming from a good source. Guideline # 3 - You have a right to reject advice. You can either not act on it, or "fire" the advisor. There is a big difference between hearing advice and following advice. And you can always order the advisor to come up with better advice or be gone (the more relaxed you body is, the easier it is to use this guideline).

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  1. Now I've found your blog I can' stop reading :-) and my family will have to feed on spaghetti once more though I'm not working today. The guidelines 1 - 3 are so pragmatic and wise, I'm going to quote them quite often in my psychotherapeutic work.

    thank you,