Thursday, May 7, 2009

Effective Affirmations

QUESTION: How effective are affirmations for manifesting? And does emotion make any difference?

ANSWER: Affirmations can be very effective, once you understand how they work. And adding emotional energy to them makes them even more effective. The first thing to understand is that affirmations don't manifest anything on their own. What they can do very well, however is help to keep your attention on what you want. One drawback is that, if you only use verbal or written words, it can take a whole lot of repetitions before anything changes inside of you that allows the manifestation to take place. If you add emotion to the words, the energy influences your subconscious and the subconscious or anyone or anything involved, so that even though you may still have to do a lot of repetitions, you usually won't need as many. One further point is that even so-called negative affirmations can work if the intention is positive. A friend of mine with bad asthma used "I do not have asthma, I never have had asthma, I never will have asthma." It took him six months of emotional repetition, but it worked.

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