Friday, May 29, 2009

QUESTION: You have said that each of the three selves has its own form of pleasure that motivates its behavior. Can you say a little more about that?

ANSWER: Basically, in teaching Huna we assume that each individual has three "selves" or "aspects." We can call them Ku, Lono, and Aumakua, or simply Body, Mind, and Spirit. We also assume that the primary motivator for each one is toward some form of pleasure, and the secondary motivator is away from some form of pain. So, the Body moves toward the experience or expectation of physically and emotionally pleasurable sensations, and away from painful sensations. The Mind moves toward the experience or expectation of mental and emotional pleasure from the resolution of problems, which is evident in such things as the playing and creating of games, or the desire to solve problems in any field, and therefore it moves away from problems that seem to be unsolvable. Our Spirit moves toward the emotional pleasure of harmony, evident, for example, in the love of beauty in all its forms, and moves away from disharmony. This theory gives us a very effective basis for understanding and changing behavior.

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