Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Spiritual Response To Negativity

QUESTION: I have been a spiritual reader for many years. Sometimes I run into a problem with tingling in my feet and low energy, especially when I am around people, like my body is absorbing their negative energy. It leaves me tired and drained to a point of not being able to read. I was wondering if you ever heard of this? I have been searching for the solution for four years now. I went to doctors, but was told that everything medical is okay.

ANSWER: According to my tradition, people do not drain you of energy, but your body may tense up around them and this may cause symptoms like you describe, plus dehydration and it's effects. You may want to try a technique called "Lovelight" when you are around people. It is similar to the "White Light of Protection," except that it is used for harmony instead of protection, and that is much more effective. Just imagine yourself surrounded by a light of any color you choose, and mentally tell that light to harmonize the energies around you. In addition to that you may want to try drinking more water when you are around people in order to help neutralize the tension effects.

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