Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Memory loss

QUESTION: I wonder if I could ask your advice about something? My elderly parents both had Alzheimer's disease, and I'm a little apprehensive about possibly inheriting it myself. Is there anything that I could do to prevent that from happening? I've been blessing my mind and encouraging it to keep working well. Can you suggest other Huna techniques that would be helpful?

ANSWER: The basic Huna/Hawaiian view is that all illness and disfunction is rooted in excessive build-up of tension. We do know that memory loss is definitely related to stress levels. We also know that as people keep learning new things the brain keeps making new
connections (dendrites) and as people stop learning the connections break down.

So, what is recommended to help keep your brain healthy is to maintain your energy flow
(cf. piko-piko), reduce stress on a regular basis (cf. Dynamind or Kahi Loa), practice some form of deep relaxation on a regular basis also (cf. Stillpoint or lomi), and learn something new every day.

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