Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dealing with a history of abuse

QUESTION: I am excited to learn about Dynamind (DMT) because my brothers, sister, and I have a history of abuse. (My sister and I both have endured mental, physical, and sexual abuse). How can DMT help us in moving forward with our lives?  We are all somewhat 'stuck' and it seems as if every time something good comes into our lives it is either "hurt" or damaged".  How can we live a happily abundant life in spite of the pain we endured as children?

ANSWER: With Dynamind you can change your emotional feelings and reactions to the history of abuse by working with each memory you can handle. As the feelings of fear and anger are relieved, along with their accompanying physical sensations, you will find yourself becoming more and more free of the past and able to create a new and better future. (for info on Dynamind see http://www.alohainternational.org/html/dynamind.pdf).

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