Thursday, January 6, 2011

QUESTION: How can I get rid of my depression?

ANSWER: Depression is not something that you get rid of, because it is not a "thing" that's inside you, it's a behavior and the feeling that results from that behavior.

Depression is a state of helpless anger. Natural anger is an attempt gather energy and focus on changing something that a person doesn't like. Although it can be useful at times when it's applied briefly, anger requires tension and that makes it less efficient that other ways of solving problems.

Depression enters in for some people when there is anger, but, in the mind of the person concerned, no way to use that energy to solve a problem. Some part of the person decides that something that needs changing can't be changed. This creates a feeling of helplessness, which results in suppressing the anger, which leads to the feeling of depression. When the feelings of helplessness and anger are strong enough, this can lead to feeling depressed about everything. Further complications can be thoughts of suicide, emotional withdrawal from life, and various forms of autism.

Excessive tension is the key element, so the first step toward healing is tension relief. This is why there has been so much success with walking, exercise, and reduced sleep combined with physical activity as treatments. Massage would seem to be very helpful, but it must be noted that if you only relieve the tension there is the underlying anger to deal with. Mind-Body techniques like EFT, Psych-K, and Dynamind can be very helpful. And some people heal themselves by simply changing their mind about being helpless and taking some positive action toward solving the problem.

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