Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unexpected Happiness

QUESTION: Since taking your course I feel little increments of happiness and I am grateful. But what makes happiness suddenly seep in? Is it a decision? I don't remember being able to make that decision.

ANSWER: Some people like to say that happiness is a choice, and to some extent that's true, but every so often feelings of happiness catch us by surprise. I believe that this happens when - for whatever reason - we are in total harmony with ourselves and our environment. If it does happen, treat it like a beautiful sunset, without regretting its passage, but appreciating the fact that it happened.

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  1. One view is that happiness "sinks in" when you apply techniques to attend to, appreciate and enhance the positive events that occur in your life. This process is called savoring. My article on savoring is posted on in the library.

    In a way, choosing to savor and learning the techniques are, in effect, "deciding" to increase your happiness. You may want to decide to be prepared and to savor positive events when they come your way. In this way, it is a decision.

    Having said that, Serge is the expert in teaching you how to get more positive events to come into your life so you can savor them. And how to increase your focus and range of attention regarding those events when they happen.

    Dan Green