Monday, April 18, 2011

Alternate Help

QUESTION: We are all contributing ripples to the Conscious Revolution, but what if a radical surge could tip the balance and make a change really happen? Is this a realistic possibility, or do you think it'll be a gradual shift as we are forced to adapt to survive climate and political/religious change? And do you believe there would be 'alternate worldly' support once that global conscious line is crossed!?

ANSWER: The future of life is just as unknown as that of the stock market, but it's always best to keep a positive outlook in order to take advantage of current patterns that reflect what we want and encourage or strengthen them to make positive change happen as fast as possible. I do believe that changing one dream changes all related dreams, and that we can get inspiration and energy from alternate realities where others (and perhaps other versions of ourselves) are already doing what we want to do.

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