Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Death Prayer

QUESTION: I have been reading some books by Max Freedom Long, and he mentions there was a Hawaiian "Death Prayer." I wonder if unwittingly I uttered one myself a few years ago? An elderly neighbor with rheumatoid arthritis and taking steroids acted in a nasty way to my son when I sent him to ask for help to get my asthmatic cat to the vet and I said, "I hope one day that she knows what to be unable to breathe like my cat." Four days later she suddenly died from pneumonia. Did I kill her?

ANSWER: Please don't feel responsible for your neighbor's death. No one has the power to kill someone else by saying a few mean words, not even if they do it every day. If that were true, world leaders, financial executives, and serial killers would be falling over dead all the time.

People die when Spirit decides it is time to leave this life. As long as you did not purposely do something physical to contribute to her death, you cannot be responsible.

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