Thursday, June 9, 2011

Communication with the dead

QUESTION: What are your teachings on contacting the dead? And can the dead contact the
living - in dreams etc? I do not mean via seances or ouija boards or the like, but spontaneously either during sleep or even awake, because the living are thinking about
the departed, or vice versa.

ANSWER: According to Huna, everything is alive, aware, and responsive. This assumes that those we call dead are still alive, just not in our dimension (range of frequencies) that we call life. Huna also says that energy flows where attention goes, regardless of dimension, so yes, those called dead can contact the living, and the living can contact those called dead.

Spontaneously, this can happen while awake or asleep, but very rarely when we (the "living") are focused on some activity or task. And the dead communicate mostly through intuition, feelings, images, memories, sudden ideas, or by attracting our attention to something in our outer world. In some cases we might respond to such communication by subconsciously using our own energy to create a visible form or by moving objects.

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