Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conventional or Alternative Healing Help

QUESTION: When some kind of unusual pain or disfunction happens to your body, when do you decide to see a doctor and when do you rely on alternative healing without seeking a doctor?

ANSWER: Good question, but not easy to answer. It depends a lot on how familiar you are with conventional and alternative forms of treatment, and mostly on how severe the problem is. For non-life-threatening problems I immediately apply simple stress-reduction techniques. If they work within an hour, I'm done. If not, I seek other options, depending on what I'm most comfortable and/or familiar with. If it is or appears to be life-threatening, I seek the first available help that knows how to deal with that kind of problem.

For instance, if I suddenly get pain, numbness, stiffness, injury, burns, or infection that are not apparently serious, I first use alternative techniques that I know very well and that work very well FOR ME. If something happens that is major, like a compound fracture or a life-threatening disease, I go to ER immediately, with or without someone's help, and use alternative techniques during the conventional treatment to help speed up the healing process.

As an example, at one time in my life I came within an hour of dying from pneumonia and dehydration. The very first treatment was water followed by antibiotics and bed rest. During the healing process, which lasted for three months, I added special breathing, imagination, shaman journeys, chicken soup, acupuncture, radionics, and healing energy from friends and family. At the end I felt healthier than ever before. It was my experience that I felt the most help from the water, the antibiotics, the shaman journeys, and the radionics.

The final point is this: in any kind of healing, use everything that works.

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