Friday, December 9, 2011

Relationship Technique

QUESTION: I'm striving to create the relationship I want, so I ask if there was one technique you could recommend (for creating this relationship) what would it be. I've tried Dynamind, as well as a number from the Urban shaman book.

ANSWER: To manifest something, we must remember that we cannot control the world, but we can influence it. The first step in manifesting a good relationship is focus on the benefits you want from it, more than requiring a particular person to provide those benefits. The second step is to turn yourself into the kind of person that someone who can provide those benefits would want as a partner.

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  1. ~ Aloha everyone, how interesting, I've been doing cleansing of my memory's 'trash'and among items there were trash from bad relationship as well. So I continued on solving this as well. Among interesting things is I came upon you2be short videos on the topic and recommend:, very nice to listen to, discloses useful things you can learn about yourself and about person you may attract.
    From Huna book by Master Serge I can recommend 'Love Your Way to Success','The Restaurant of the Universe', from articles in Aloha Intl Hut:'Feelings', 'The Chemistry of Love', 'Self Mastering' 'Increasing Self Astem'; Susan Pa'iniu Floyd's 'Friendship' etc. Aloha sharing, mahalo.