Thursday, January 12, 2012

Healing Radioactivity

QUESTION: With the ongoing recent events in Japan I was wondering what recommendations you could share about  working with healing that situation from the perspective of Huna.  Have been sending Reiki the past few days to specific groups of people and the earth, and have previously used your suggestions in the Shamanic Healing in the Wake of Katrina article for many things with positive results.

ANSWER: From the perspective of assuming that everything is alive, aware, and responsive, we can talk to the earth and rocks telepathically, we can dream a good dream for them, and we can grok them and gently relax. Working with radioactive materials is essentially the same, but requires fearlessness, a high degree of focus, and working as well with the humans involved, both the victims and the helpers.

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  1. Aloha , nice question on rather common situation among my friends or near neighbors . Was thinking of that healing radioactivity since I heard of it, during study and was working nearby it at my job. Uranium isotopes were used in oil industry for discovering oil in drill holes.
    Amazing alpha, beta and delta rayings.
    Nature hides many interesting things , Universe supplied from various reasons.humans have ability and Universe's permition to have free will to choose.
    I hear about these healings for long and about other uses of 'dangerous' radioactive elements to help, to be in service of humans. But we humans often exagerate in using Universes sources and 'overdose' in using them , making disasters. Like with many electrical power plants all over the Planet, and when havok occurs we humans are not ready to bear consequences, we perish then.Our learning is painful.
    I remember from Master Serge Kahili Urban Shaman book where he mentions situation in Milu Underworld, upon meeting an animal that bares its teeth to us not to escape but to SMILE, to be like nice, if nothing to let it eat us and we in transformed shape come out on the 'other' side, smiling, keep going. We simply have to remember we are the dreamWEAVERS, the chief, boss of the situation, who can make it change. Just not letting anything stop us. Very nice example, I love it in 'kaunu' way = positive passion, 'laulike' = with duplicating effect when very eager engaging mind and body and great 'mamake'= desire that increases energy tremmendeously and influences CHANGE not only in my life locally but in the world around me & us in synchrony when trying to help on larger scale. Super , of course I help myself doing 'waena meditations' as master Serge taught us as well or just prolonged pikopiko breathing to concentrate and focus. I may also add a Forgiveness prayer since Forgiveness is The Ultimate Art of Healing Master Serge says, I experienced as very effective. mahalo nui, <3 aloha.