Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Change Yourself

QUESTION: You have said that in order to change something, you have to change something. So in personal terms, how do you change something?

ANSWER: In order to change something about yourself with conscious intent, you have to want the pleasure of something you don't have more than the pleasure of something you do have. For instance if you want to lose weight, you have to want the pleasure of having a lighter body more than the pleasure of eating more than you can burn. If you want a lot of friends, you have to want the pleasure of friendship more than the pleasure of criticizing and complaining. If you want to stop smoking, there has to be something about being a non-smoker that you want more than the pleasure of smoking. The concept is simple. It's the application that's difficult for most people.


  1. Simple concept , not necessarily easy to apply.

    Yet wonderfully, when the path is made visible and simple, that very act, which moves the attention away from confusion and doubt to simplicity and hope, can spur sustained effort -- reducing struggle and increasing the "ease" of that effort closer to "Easy!"

    Another wonderful chestnut of practical advice, Sage.
    Come to think of it, I can't remember a single clunker coming from your pen, typewriter, keyboard, or touchscreen as long as I've known you!

    (C'mon, what's the Secret?? Are you as terrific an editor as you are a writer? Or are some pieces only shared with the wastebasket or purged with the "delete" button?)

    Mahalo! and much Aloha!

  2. How interesting! Page 98 in the copy of Imagineering for Health I have; I quoted you on this today while designing our 2012 brochure. My partner and I are living proof that it's that simple. : )

  3. why most people don t applicate this procedure above mencioned with self hypnosis sessions? I think it can help..

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    1. Yes, super this 'change' thing, maybe first challenge I came upon in my approaching Master Serge's US book. Why ? I want to make a better world planetary as I noticed Master Serge's Project is like that. Alo'ha , said me, and...learned from the same book and some Serge's videos' teachings on you2be how to perform my personal change, forgivenesses to myself for not being this and understanding why not, and how to energize myself to change my life, my family member's life, locally and planetary - Universe helps when seeing us struggle to do and noticing our energy waves' vibrations of strong love surcharged honest and simple desire to do it. Mahalo nui aloha, be blessed, Serge: '' Bless the present trust yourself and expect the best''. I follow, not always easy of course, but keep practicing accepting and forgiving + blessing. alo' ha.